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Office of the President

President Buu Nygren gives his 100-day report to the people

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — On the 100th day of his term, Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren went to the radio waves and social media and gave a report to the Navajo people, outlining his accomplishments and acknowledging the challenges he’s faced thus far.

He pledged to continue working hard for the people and to put their needs first, as well as creating a more efficient government.

“Because if our grandma and grandpa need water, we shouldn’t deny them, we shouldn’t get in the way,” President Nygren said. “We’ve got to streamline things in the Navajo Nation government.”

He told the Navajo people he spent his first few weeks in the office meeting with constituents, listening to their concerns, and understanding their needs. He also met with council delegates to build relationships and understand different perspectives.

He said the first 100 days were not without their challenges, however. President Nygren faced pushback and resistance.

“As a government entity, we should make it central and easy for people to get those types of services. And so those are some of the tasks that I’ve been working on,” he said.

He reported he has been directing his staff to begin working on upgrading the tribe’s infrastructure, including repairing roads and bridges and improving public transportation.

Navajo Nation Vice President Richelle Montoya also provided an update as did the administration’s division directors.