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Office of the President

Executive Order No. 03-2023





SEXUAL HARASSMENT AWARENESS Workplace Policy and Mandatory Training


  1. The President of the Navajo Nation serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the Executive Branch of the Navajo Nation government with full authority to conduct, supervise, and coordinate personnel and program matters. 2 N.N.C. § 1005 (A);
  2. The President has the enumerated power of issuing an executive order for the purpose of interpreting, implementing or giving administrative effect to statutes of the Navajo Nation m the manner set forth in such statutes. 2 N.N.C. § 1005 (C) (14); and
  3. The Chief Justice serves as the administrative and judicial naat’aanii for the Judicial Branch with full authority to supervise and coordinate personnel matters. 7 N.N.C. § 371; and
  4. April is Sexual Harassment Awareness month.


I, Dr. Buu Nygren, President of the Navajo Nation, and I, JoAnn Jayne, Chief Justice of the Navajo Nation Supreme Court, by the authority vested in us, hereby order all respective employees of the Executive Branch and Judicial Branch to:

  1. Review the applicable Sexual Harassment Policies of the Nation, for Executive Branch employees found in Section XVI (F) of the June 3, 2020 version of The Navajo Nation Personnel Policies Manual and Sexual Harassment Procedures, No. 03-XVI-003, and for Judicial Branch employees found in Section 23 of the Navajo Nation Judicial Branch Employee’s Policies and Procedures, which each:a. Defines and prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace,b. Includes procedures that describe how the Division, Department, Chapter or Judicial Branch should address concerns of employees who are affected by sexual harassment in the workplace, andc. Identifies appropriate sanctions and/or disciplinary actions.
  2. Respond promptly and effectively to sexual harassment concerns raised by employees.
  3. Require all new employees of the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch to attend sexual harassment training within six (6) months of the date of hire.
  4. Require all employees of the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch to attend sexual harassment training every other year, to be provided to Executive Branch employees by the Staff Development and Training Department of the Division of Human Resources, and to Judicial Branch employees by the Judicial Branch Office of Human Resources of the Administrative Office of the Courts.
  5. Require all Supervisors to ensure that their subordinates obtain this training.

EXECUTED this 14th day of April 2023.

Dr. Buu Nygren, President JoAnn B. Jayne, Chief Justice
The Navajo Nation The Navajo Nation


Ethel Branch, Attorney General
Navajo Nation Department of Justice

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