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Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren reauthorizes Ganado Fire District ambulance, fire truck funding

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren on Wednesday reauthorized $2,644,380 in Síhásin Funds for the purchase of four type one ambulances, three 300-gallon capacity mini pumper fire trucks and three 2,000-gallon capacity tender fire trucks for the Ganado Fire District.

“Our fire districts have done what they can with what they receive from the state,” said President Nygren. “The Navajo Nation is putting this funding forward because it means we’ll be prepared throughout the Ganado region with fire trucks and ambulances that are built for our communities.”

“On Navajo, it’s difficult at times to provide immediate emergency services due to limited means,” said Council Delegate Andy Nez, who was present at the signing ceremony. “The signing of this legislation is a step in the right direction to provide those prompt services to our Navajo people.” He noted the fire chief’s indication that their service area covers more than 1,000 square miles of Navajo Nation land.

“For me as a delegate, it’s phenomenal that we finally reached back to our first responders and that they provide services to Ganado and the surrounding area,” said Council Delegate Vince James, sponsor of the legislation. “Anything that has to do with first responders, safety is my key as a delegate. We move forward by making sure we have a safe community.”

President Nygren thanked the members of the fire district governing board for working with Council Delegate Vince James to bring new legislation to the Nation for reauthorization. He noted the support of seven Navajo Nation chapters that voted through local resolution to support the request.

The Ganado Fire District is organized under Arizona statute. Its service area includes the communities of Ganado, Steamboat, Kin Dah Łichíí’, Klagetoh, Cornfields, Woodsprings, Cross Canyon, Beeshbito, Toyei and other Navajo communities.

A previous resolution provided funding for the purchases but time ran out and the funds were slated for reversion. This was attributed to the overall supply chain shortages and delays brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new resolution allows additional time to the Division of Community Development, which is responsible for purchasing the equipment and transferring titles to the fire district, so the seller can complete its tailoring of the ambulances and engines to Ganado’s needs.

The Ganado Fire District reported 1,572 incident runs in 2019. These included emergency medical service responses, fire-related calls and other services. By July 2020, it reported 724 incident runs for that year.

In his statement attached to the resolution, President Nygren called upon local communities and leadership to promote further support for the Navajo Nation’s fire departments.