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President Nygren reminds Wingate High School students that hard work pays off

FORT WINGATE, N.M. — Wingate High School students had a chance to hear President Buu Nygren speak about the importance of education.

The President stood on the gym floor and expressed his optimism told the students that now, especially as the graduating senior class prepare to graduate, was the most important time for time.

The president challenged the students to listen, and not be afraid to follow their dreams.

“The seniors, you’re not too far away from making a big decision in your lives as you prepare to graduate. Some of you will be in New York City, some of you will be in Los Angeles, some of you will be across the waters in other countries; wherever you go, remember to support one another,” President Nygren said.

The President reminded the students they represent the Navajo Nation.

“My biggest advice to you is to make sure you always do what brings joy to your heart,” the President said to the students.

Another advice President Nygren shared with the students was hard work pays off.

“In order to be successful, you need a good ten thousand hours, you need to make a thousand free throws if you want to be sharp at shooting free throws, you have to run so many miles if you want to be a high-level athlete. But always remember, there is something that you’re good at,” the President told the students.

As part of a three-month tour of high schools across Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, President Nygren continues to meet with student councils, school administrators, counselors, and the Navajo Nation Office of Financial Assistance and Scholarships to improve access to resources and information for all students.

The next school visits on the agenda include: Bread Springs Day School, Jefferson Elementary School, Tuba City High School, Monument Valley High School, and more.