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President Buu Nygren shared joy of fatherhood and hard work

PINON, Ariz. — Being a dad.

That’s what Navajo Navajo President Buu Nygren said was his biggest accomplishment when he was asked by a Pinon High School student.

“It far surpasses anything — my education, my job being president — because that’s where you think for somebody else,” President Nygren said on Thursday. “I’ve only been a dad for eighteen months. So, it’s a new journey that I’m taking on. It’s been an exciting journey.”

About a hundred students heard the president’s message on education and what believing in themselves could do for them.

While he stressed the importance of always chasing after their dreams, for him, he told the students, it was being a young father.

“It’s a new journey that I’m taking on. It’s been an exciting journey,” said President Nygren.

To the graduating class of 2023, the President said they could lose out on opportunities that might never come again if they chose sleep over chasing after their dreams.

“One of these days, you’re going to hear, ‘Hey, you got this nice opportunity for you,’” the President said. “It’s probably your dream job, your dream career, your dream pay, or whatever it may be that doors are gonna open for you. The last thing you want to say is, ‘I was just napping. I wasn’t thinking about it. I wasn’t prepared and I just kind of wasn’t getting ready for it.’ Make sure you prepare yourself. Preparation is really key. And always be ready and willing to accept the challenge.”

Graduation at Pinon High School is on Saturday, May 13, in Pinon, Arizona.