President Buu Nygren signs $5.1 million regional chapter projects legislation for Council Delegate Shaadiin Parrish's region

President Buu Nygren signs $5.1 million regional chapter projects legislation for Council Delegate Shaadiin Parrish's region

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — More than $5.1 million in Fiscal Recovery Funds will go to the communities of Chilchinbeto, Dennehotso, and Kayenta.

The legislation was signed on Thursday by Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren in Window Rock.

Navajo Nation Council Delegate Shaandiin Parrish was on hand to watch the signing.

With the approval, Chilchinbeto will receive a combined total of $1,175,000 toward a new convenience store and a gooseneck trailer, and Dennehotso would get more than $2.2 million for a new chapter warehouse and a gooseneck trailer. Kayenta requested $1,267,000 that would go toward a three-bay warehouse.

Budget and Finance Committee Chairwoman Parrish said her committee was developing plans on what to do with unspent ARPA dollars.

If any of the $5.1 million Fiscal Recovery Funds Delegate Regional Project Plan isn’t used by June 2024, it could go to hardship assistance.

President Nygren said if chapters face challenges with their FRF, they could call his office for help.

“I do want to take a moment to express my concern that the Council must approve any amendments to the Regional Plans,” said President Nygren. “In addition, the prior Navajo Nation Council has set the expectation that Fiscal Recovery Funds be encumbered by June 30, 2024. This deadline is not far off. As a Construction 1 expert, I know unpredictable factors can prevent even the best plans from moving forward on the proposed timeline. We should be designing systems that are flexible, accountable, and transparent.”

Chilchinbeto Chapter plans to use their funding to build their store, and use it for Phase One of their infrastructure development to develop the waterline, sewer line, electrical, roadways, lighting, curbing, and parking area.

The location is Chilchinbeto, 25 mile southeast of Kayenta and 34 miles northwest of Many Farms on Navajo Route 59.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Chilchinbeto community was an affected area by the virus.

During the pandemic, the community was isolated and didn't have a store, gas station, and laundry mat for taking care of personal amenities needed by the community members.

Dennehotso Chapter identified that during the COVID-19 pandemic, it revealed multiple families living in 1-2 bedroom housing units, which allowed for the quick spread of the highly contagious virus. They also found many homes were in disrepair as well.

“Additionally, those homes are without utility, water, and sewer. Outhouses and port-a-potties are used at these units,” the chapter wrote in its request for ARPA funding.

Housing in Dennehotso Chapter consists of family homes, NHA homes, and school district homes. Homes within the Chapter area are considered to be in poor and in dilapidated condition.