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Office of the President

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Office of the President

Richelle Montoya

Richelle Montoya

Navajo Nation Vice President

 Hashtł’ishnii nilį́, Ta’neeszahnii yáshchíín

Kinłichii’nii dabicheii, Táchii’nii dabinálí.

Vice President Richelle Montoya is the first Navajo woman to be elected to the office. A former chapter president, Vice President Montoya supports local governance by advocating for more responsive Navajo Nation Executive Branch programs and community leadership.

Richelle Montoya was selected by Dr. Buu Nygren as his vice presidential running mate following the 2022 Navajo Nation Primary Election. Mrs. Montoya serves as the 11th Vice President of Navajo Nation and the first ever female elected to the office.

Mrs. Montoya is married to Mr. Olsen Chee, a United States Army veteran, and together they have six children. Their home community is Torreon/Star Lake, New Mexico.



Mrs. Montoya’s educational background includes:

  • Graduate of Cuba High School (1994)

  • Associate of Human Services in Criminal Justice from San Juan College (2009)

  • Bachelor of University Studies in Psychology, Sociology, and Native American Studies from the University of New Mexico (2011).


Background Information

Prior to her historic election, Mrs. Montoya was elected in 2020 as the Torreon/Star Lake Chapter President.

In addition, Mrs. Montoya holds the following roles:

  • Na’neelzhiin Ji Olta, Inc. School Board Member (since 2019)

  • Eastern Navajo Agency Executive Committee Member (since 2021)

  • Eastern Navajo Fair Board Member (since 2018).

Previously, Mrs. Montoya served as a member of the Torreon/Star Lake Chapter Community Land Use Planning Committee (2017-2020) and as the director of the Miss Indian New Mexico Pageant (2008-2019).

Mrs. Montoya is 46 years old (Oct. 23).