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Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren, Navajo Police Department issue community alert regarding weather, treacherous road conditions

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — The Navajo Nation has issued a community alert to advise motorists of widespread hazardous road conditions, deep puddles and impassable muddy dirt roads throughout the Navajo Nation.

“As a result of the extreme winter weather storms the Navajo Nation has been experiencing, melting snow and continuing rain has caused extensive flooding within numerous parts of Navajo Nation,” said Navajo Nation Deputy Chief of Police Ronald Silversmith.

The flooding has caused some roads to become impassable and have stranded residents within their homes, he said.

“I’ve authorized all resources available to deploy to make sure that life and limb are protected,” said Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren. “We have our staff out there, really doing what they can do to make sure that they’re identifying the issues but at the same time come up with solutions.”

Some families are unable to leave their residences to retrieve food, wood and livestock supplies or are unable to obtain much needed medical care or prescriptions.

The Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety cautions motorists traveling in this extreme weather and road conditions.

“We would also like to caution motorists not to cross roads that have been flooded by snow melt and rain runoff,” Deputy Chief Silversmith said. “We encourage our people to check on one another and to report any roads that become impassable to family residences or if you know of families in dire need of food, water, wood and livestock supplies.”

Navajo police say if you become stranded or in need of medical care or medication, please notify your local chapter or the Navajo Police Department for immediate assistance.

The Navajo Nation continues to monitor all weather conditions that may affect the livelihood of Navajo residents. It urges residents to gather the necessary resources to reach those in need of food supplies or medical attention.

The president said the OPVP is communicating with the police department and with Navajo Nation Council delegates to make sure resources are ready to go if conditions become dire. “People’s safety is our number one priority right now,” President Nygren said.

On Tuesday, the Bureau of Indian Affairs Navajo Region Transportation Department, Navajo Division of Transportation, and the road departments of Navajo, Apache and Coconino counties reported dirt roads across the Navajo Nation to be wet, muddy and, in higher elevation, snow-covered.

Paved roads may be wet but are passable.

In the Jeddito, Steamboat, Cornfield, Ganado, Kinlichee chapters, there are 1-to-2 inches of snow accumulation. Snow melt is running in main washes, making roads impassable.

For assistance, please call these NPD numbers:

  • Window Rock District: 928-871-6111/6112
  • Chinle District: 928-674-2111/2112
  • Shiprock District: 505-368-1350/1351
  • Crownpoint District: 505-786-2050/2051
  • Kayenta District: 928-697-5600
  • Dilkon District: 928-657-8074
  • Tuba City District: 928-283-3111/3112