Yideesk'ą́ądi Nitsáhákees

At the center of the Nygren Administration's commitment to the Navajo People is Yideesk'ą́ądi Nitsáhákees, or 'Thinking for the future.'

Cabinet members are held to the same key values embraced by the president: Compassion, competency, teamwork, and commitment. Under a constant focus on identifying solutions to long-standing issues, the cabinet's responsibility is to deliver progress.

Office of the President

Navajo Nation Chief of Staff Patrick J. Sandoval

Patrick J. Sandoval

Chief of staff

Executive Branch Chief of Staff Patrick J. Sandoval oversees division directors and political appointees in the Office of the President and Vice President.


Bidtah Becker

chief legal counsel

Provides legal counsel to the President of the Navajo Nation.

Health, Education, Human Services

Thomas Cody

Division of social services

Executive Director Thomas Cody leads the Navajo Nation's social services programs under one of the largest divisions.

Debbie Nez-Manuel

Division of human resources

Executive Director Nez-Manuel oversees various human resources programs in addition to specialized public departments.

Rhonda L. Tuni

Navajo Department of Health

Executive Director Tuni directs the Navajo Department of Health in its preventative, regulatory, enforcement, and community health functions.

Shawnevan Dale

Division of general services

A government-oriented division, General Services is led by Executive Director Dale in managing government services and assets for the Navajo Nation.

Claudia Russell-Edgewater

Department of Diné Education

Acting Superintendent Russell-Edgewater continues support for student learning outcomes and the Navajo Nation's efforts towards sovereignty in education.

Resources and Development

Tony Skrelunas

Division of economic development

Executive Director Skrelunas continues his role directing economic development planning and management with an emphasis on supporting small businesses.

W. Mike Halona

Division of natural resources

Executive Director Halona brings experience in land utilization processes to ensure progress in resources management and to enable new approaches to community involvement.

Garret Silversmith

Navajo Division of Transportation

Executive Director Silversmith directs transportation-related planning and project initiatives that are focused on supporting local and regional community and economic development.

Calvin Castillo

Division of community Development

Overseeing the Navajo Nation's community development projects, Executive Director Calvin Castillo brings private sector expertise to ensure the division maximizes available resources for communities.

Stephen B. Etsitty

Navajo Environmental Protection Agency

Executive Director Etsitty's experience and knowledge of local Navajo customs and extensive understanding of tribal and Navajo environmental policy development brings stability to the Nation's environmental regulatory functions.

Law and Public Safety

Ethel B. Branch

Department of Justice

Navajo Nation Attorney General Ethel Branch is the chief legal officer of the Navajo Nation who represents the government in all matters pertaining to law.

Michael Anderson

Division of public safety

Executive Director Michael Anderson brings police and justice of the peace experience to the Division of Public Safety.

Fiscal Matters

Sean McCabe

Office of the Controller

Navajo Nation Interim Controller Sean McCabe is the chief financial officer of the Navajo Nation who is in charge of managing its financial accounts and accounting activities.

Dominic Beyal

Office of Management and Budget

Executive Director Dominic Beyal manages budgetary administration for the Navajo Nation, including reporting of program performance evaluations and contract compliance.

Tom Platero

Fiscal Recovery Fund Office

FRF Office Executive Director Tom Platero supports Navajo Nation programs in expending ARPA-specific allocations through project information coordination and collection.

Executive Offices

Bobbie Ann Baldwin

Navajo Nation Veterans Administration

Executive Director Bobbie Ann Baldwin manages the Navajo Nation's entitlement programs for Navajo veterans, their spouses or widows, and families.

Justin Ahasteen

Navajo Nation Washington Office

Executive Director Ahasteen maintains communication between Navajo leadership and political offices in Washington, D.C., and promotes Navajo involvement in national issues.

Tico Charlee

Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Office

Executive Director Charlee administers the rules and regulations of the commission and serves as a liaison in support of enhancing Navajo Nation use and control of telecommunications resources.


Raymond Maxx

Navajo-Hopi Land Commission Office

Executive Director Max serves at the pleasure of President Nygren to ensure the goals and purposes of the commission are carried out, including new advocacy efforts.